Collect discounts that you can use when shopping at Idea and Roda stores, or get other prizes! Smart devices for recycling PET and tetrapak packaging, cans and glass bottles have been installed in Zrenjanin. At several locations in the city, citizens of Zrenjanin can recycle all products of the companies Coca-Cola Hellenic, Carlsberg, Imlek, Rauch, Nektar, Red Bull and Knjaz MiloŇ°, which are marked on the side with a green Recycle sticker.

Dispose of packaging in smart recycling devices and thus make a greener future in Zrenjanin. By recycling packaging in smart devices, you can get discounts when shopping at Idea and Roda sales facilities, as well as product rewards provided by project partners!

1. Collect the packaging marked with the RECYCLE sticker. You can find specially marked products, whose packaging can be disposed in smart devices, in Idea and Roda stores.

2. Activate your account on the Solagro web application at the LINK. Every time you dispose of the packaging, you have the opportunity to collect points that give you discounts for shopping at Idea and Roda stores. Disposal of packaging is also possible without collecting points.

3. Find smart recycling devices at several locations in Zrenjanin and insert the collected packaging. After inserting, a unique code will appear on the device screen, which you need to enter in the application. By inserting the code into the application, you collect points that you can use for a voucher for discounts when shopping, or any other available reward that suits you!

4. Vouchers can be used at the cash registers in Idea and Roda facilities. Each voucher contains a barcode that is scanned at checkout.

Note: The discount is calculated at the checkout, it is not combined with other discounts and is valid for purchases made by natural persons, regardless of the payment method. The discount does not apply to items marked SALE, FINAL PRICE and to items discounted with the Super Kartica, for Super Kartica members, to excise tax items, technical items, daily newspapers, magazines and fresh meat.


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